How can we reach true

happiness and peace of mind?

What do you want your future

to look like?

Do you want to dedicate more time and effort to the things you care about? Do you want to feel less stressed, worried, or anxious about things you wish you could just let go of? Cultivating lasting happiness from the inside out is a difficult process, because it goes against some of our most basic human instincts. Thankfully, there are a number of teachings and techniques we can use to become more mindful, calm and happy in our everyday lives.

Take the middle way approach to meditation

Meditation can be difficult. Practicing acceptance, present moment awareness, self-inquiry, and open attention can make our lives significantly richer and more meaningful. At MindOwl, we believe that a complete mind means different things to different people. That's why we promote a 'middle way' approach which gives you access to a combination of traditional Eastern teachings and modern psychological research.

Address the root causes

of unhappiness.

The truth is, you can't be truly happy unless you address the root causes of unhappiness by studying the brain's psychology. We don't expect anyone to become an expert — but bringing a psychological framework into your practice gives you a better idea of how meditation works and how to take advantage of its benefits.

Join the Mindowl

Joining MindOwl means becoming a part of a family of like-minded people with an interest in meditation and a commitment to taking practical steps to improve their quality of life. Unlike anonymous meditation apps in which you never get to meet your teachers and fellow students, our membership plan is based around real people and real relationships.

High-quality online training

Access to videos, guided meditations, one-to-one sessions, slide presentations, and other digital resources.

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To discuss and debate a wide range of ideas with like-minded practitioners.

Solve problems

Instruction on how to solve your meditation problems.

Beginner, Intermediate & Advanced

Courses designed to ensure you receive the right level of training for you.

Shape your learning

Opportunities to suggest future courses.

Go beyond the

meditation app

We give members the opportunity to interact with and learn from real people and real communities. Instead of offering anonymous-feeling guided meditations within the confines of a phone screen, our highly-structured online training uses interactive resources, virtual discussions, videos, group support, and amazing visual content to make your learning experience as useful and engaging as possible.

Immense value at

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It's been a hard couple of years for all of us, and we know that a lot of people don't have much money to spare right now. That's why we've made our new subscription plan one of the most affordable mindfulness training programmes money can buy. For just $30 a month (or $1 a day!), you'll get access to a huge library of educational videos, guided meditations, and exclusive mindfulness tips and advice, not to mention a helpful community support network. After all, no one should be priced out of the opportunity to become happier.

"I felt an absolute calmness that

I have never experienced before"

Janet Adams

Former Student

"While going through one of the most difficult periods in my life, Filipe from MindOwl helped me turn things around in just 4 weeks. Looking back, the difference is almost unbelievable. Filipe is very personable and makes effective communication easy - it's obvious his heart is in his practice."

Rina Kalyan

Former Student

"The meditation exercises were phenomenal. My mind was cleared like an empty vessel. I felt an absolute calmness that I have never experienced before. I had a feeling of freedom and so much peace of mind."

Debbie Bee

Former Student

"I was so impressed with the superb content. The information and structure were clear and easy to put into practice. I have learnt so much and have come away with manageable tools to help and equip me in putting everything into practice for my future wellbeing."

Courses Syllabus


  • What is meditation?
  • Attention is not what you think
  • The Divided Brain
  • The Monk and the Samurai
  • The power of the breath
  • Self-directed Neuroplasticity
  • Being good feels good

MEditation Stage 2

  • Developing mental clarity
  • "Divide to conquer"
  • The power of "gone"
  • What is Equanimity
  • Pain vs Suffering
  • What we resist persists

Meditation stage 3

  • Who am I?
  • The 3 dimensions of the self
  • "I'm not this, nor that"
  • The development of the Self
  • What is Pure Awareness?
  • Exploring Non-duality
  • The Psychology of Awakening

Explore meditation styles

  • Focus-based meditation
  • Mindfulness-based meditation
  • Noting-based meditation
  • Awareness of awareness
  • Self-enquiry meditation
  • Mantra-based meditation
  • Visualisation meditation
  • Cultivating positive qualities of mind


  • The science of Breathing
  • Why focus on CO2 levels
  • The vagus nerve
  • Calming breath
  • Balalanced breath
  • Energising breath

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Hi there. I'm Filipe, the founder of MindOwl. When I was struggling with mental health issues in my 20s, studying and practising meditation allowed me to understand and let go of a number of beliefs that held me back in life. Meditation helped me overcome challenging situations and become a more genuine, happy and caring person. Now, I want to share that knowledge with you. With the support of an incredible team, and over 8 years of experience in psychology and meditation, I've developed MindOwl to help you achieve a more balanced, happy mind. Sign up to our subscription service today, and you'll receive access to all our mindfulness courses, our breathwork mini-course, live personalised sessions, and an exclusive community of like-minded people to share your journey with. Want to find out more?


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PGDip Philosophical Counselling

Certificate ACT Therapy

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I'm a member of the British Psychological Society

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