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About us

MindOwl is a London-based startup dedicated to offering high quality online training in mindfulness and meditation. Our philosophy of education is different from the standard approach – we take a softer approach, focusing on how to better understand your own mind and emotions. We have carefully curated the best learning tools and latest insights from the realm of psychology to help you to improve your life and to help you live your life to the full without the restraint imposed by difficult feelings and emotional challenges.

Meet the team…

Hi there, I’m Filipe Bastos, a psychology researcher. I’ve been studying, practising and teaching meditation for over 8 years, having developed specialist knowledge in meditation through completing many courses, workshops, and retreats.

My own struggles in life have led me to this path of understanding the human condition. I started studying eastern philosophy after feeling frustrated with the results I was getting from self-help and traditional psychology. Although they helped in alleviating some of my depression and anxiety symptoms that I’d had for almost 15 years, they never offered me a deep sense of fulfilment. It was only when I delved deeper into the nature of my mind that I found what I was looking for.

I hold a Master’s Degree in Psychology from Regent’s University London, a BA in Philosophy, and a post-graduate diploma in Philosophical Counselling. I’ve also trained in ACT – Acceptance and Commitment Therapy.

P1036247 scaledFilipe BastosPsychologist & FounderFred 1 e1631003444762Fred Garratt-StanleyAssistant Content Writer

As a Content Creator at MindOwl, I help supplement MindOwl founder Filipe Bastos’ high-quality mindfulness training with helpful blog posts free for anyone to read. I graduated from Goldsmiths, University of London with a degree in English, focusing particularly on modern fiction.

Since then, I have worked largely as a freelance writer for publications including NME, Resident Advisor, and The Quietus. In addition to my culture journalism, I have produced digital marketing copy, and more recently honed my knowledge of a range of mindfulness-based subjects, allowing me to channel my interest in mental and physical health and inform others about the benefits of meditation and mindful activity. 

I graduated with a degree in Digital Media, creating various projects using different medias. My passions are graphic design and illustration and I have furthered my skills by joining Mindowl as a Graphic Designer. Joining Mindowl has allowed me to gain knowledge in mindfulness subjects and I am now able to inform others on how mindfulness can benefit their lives.

Ellie 2 e1634469882169Ellie McCormack

Assistant Graphic Designer 

Hannah Matthews e1638885765620Hanna MatthewsAssistant Content Creator

Hey I’m Hannah and I have recently joined the Mindowl team to help spread the zen word of mindfulness and meditation. I have been a practitioner myself for a few years, cultivating the benefits of yoga and meditation within my own life.  I graduated from the University of Westminster with a Photography degree, where I focused on researching how social media negatively impacts us as a society. Alongside the many benefits, there are also detrimental downfalls to our everyday devices. So, I chose to channel my energy into platforms that promote healthy use of social media through education and knowledge, with the hope to enhance love and wellbeing throughout the world.

Hello I’m Zach, I’m MindOwl’s Digital Marketing Assistant. I help organise and run the MindOwl social media channels, with the goal of spreading our mindfulness message and online courses to as many people as possible. 

I have had previous experience as a Social Media contributor, running social media pages with millions of followers but this is my first venture into the world of Mindfulness and Emotional Intelligence

Screenshot 2021 09 07 at 13.41.24 e1631027483910Zachary Whyte

Digital Marketing Assistant

CroiTownsendCroi TownsedAssistant Content Writer

As an Assistant Content Creator, I help Fred support MindOwl founder Filipe Bastos’ effective mindfulness training by writing and researching helpful posts for our blog.I graduated from the University of Greenwich with a degree with honours in English Literature, focusing on historical fiction.Since then I have started my own blog 18th Century and Me and created bespoke digital marketing copy. I also volunteer in different Archives around London, and I am now embarking on an Archives and Records Management MA to hone my skills in research and communicating information. As of late, I have channelled this research into the history of meditation and different meditative practices.

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