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Mindful Communication: How to Have More Empathic & Compassionate Conversations

Mindful communication involves applying the principles of mindfulness to the way we communicate with each other. By being mindful about how we interact with others, we can become more empathetic, compassionate, and honest, while simultaneously training ourselves to recognise and resist negative or aggressive reactions to those around us. Just like most mindfulness-based practices, mindful

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What is Tonglen meditation and how do I practise it?

Ancient Buddhist practices represent the root of most modern forms of meditation. However, many meditation styles are no longer guided by a spiritual path, having been adopted within various therapeutic or secular contexts because of their ability to foster calmness, peace of mind, and emotional intelligence. This is certainly true of the art of Tonglen

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Why you should be thankful for difficult people

Even if you’re as cool as a cucumber, there’ll always be somebody to test your patience! Whether they’re criticising you, belittling you, or simply ignoring you, people can be challenging. So, what is the best way to deal with difficult people? Well, contrary to popular belief, the best way to deal with challenging people is

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How to get over someone?

The story is quite simple: after a long wait, you think you’ve finally met someone interesting. You’ve had an amazing first date and it feels as though you’ve known each other for a long time. You’re both able to open up and talk about the things that interest you: your achievements, failures and life goals,

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Why do we hurt the ones we love?

We cherish the people closest to us, so it seems strange that we’d try to hurt them. So, why do we hurt the ones we love? Often, it’s because we’re scared of losing them. Our bad behaviour is a desperate attempt to try and reconnect with them. But bad behaviour doesn’t forge connections; it weakens

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