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Meditation For Grief And Loss

Experiencing grief and loss can feel overwhelming and disorienting. Did you know that meditation could be a beneficial tool in navigating these challenging times? Our article offers step-by-step guidance on how to use meditation to cope with grief, helping you process your emotions and find inner peace. Ready to begin your journey towards healing? Let’s dive in! Key

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How long does it take for meditation to work

Meditation is a fantastic tool for managing anxiety and stress, overcoming negative emotions, and becoming a more focused, productive individual. Research has shown that meditation improves your attention, memory, focus, and creativity, in addition to relieving stress and anxiety. However, many people who start practising mindfulness meditation expect that they’ll feel magically cured of any

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What is Higher Consciousness? A Deeper Look at an Elusive Concept

Consciousness is a term that’s thrown around a lot. It’s common in the fields of psychology and philosophy, although it can also be used in medical contexts, or in more spiritual discussions, too. Essentially, we use it to describe different states of physical and mental awareness. But what is higher consciousness? If you’ve heard of

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What is “do nothing” meditation?

Most forms of mindfulness meditation require effort, whether it’s the focused attention of concentration practices or the more broad awareness encouraged by practices like Non-Duality. In fact, one of the main criticisms of mindfulness is that it can seem to vilify the idea of daydreaming and suggest that letting the mind wander naturally is a

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Sympathetic joy: How to feel good when someone else is happy

We all experience moments of happiness and joy for others. It could be that your best friend has just secured their dream job, or your sibling has got into their first choice university. Maybe it’s something even simpler like your partner has discovered an amazing restaurant that sells their favourite food. Whatever it is that

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Meditation Doesn’t Work for Me

Meditation has become very popular over the last decade. Many people swear by its benefits, which include stress relief, improved focus and enhanced productivity. The goal of meditation is to clear your mind of distractions and encourage you to focus on the present moment, become aware of your breath, and notice various bodily sensations. But

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