Meditation Training


How To End Your Meditation Session

Ending your meditation session in the right way is as important as the practice itself. Many of us enter the calming sea of meditation seeking serenity, mindfulness, and a break from the stresses of daily life. Yet, when it’s time to return to our regular activities, we might find ourselves at a loss for how to do so seamlessly […]

Effective Ways To Teach Meditation: A Guide For Meditation Teachers

You know meditation can do wonders—reduce stress, enhance mindfulness, and improve mental health—but helping someone else tap into these benefits may seem like climbing a mountain without a map. Guiding someone through meditation isn’t just about reciting scripts or having them breathe deeply. It’s as much about your approach, confidence, and ability to adapt as it is about […]

Top 5 Best Meditation Incense Sticks For Mindful Practice

Incense sticks have been used for centuries in many cultures worldwide to enhance spiritual practices, including meditation. One curious fact about incense is how specific scents can influence our emotions and help create a calming atmosphere — essential for effective meditation. This article will guide you through choosing the right incense for your practice, with an emphasis on […]

Understanding the Contrast Between Meditation and Visualization

Many people turn to practices like meditation and visualisation in hopes of calming the whirlwind inside their heads. But here’s an interesting fact: although often lumped together, these two approaches serve different parts of our mind and body. This article will guide you through understanding these key differences, offering clarity on how each can play a unique role […]

What it is like to meditate on mushrooms: A scientific perspective

Many individuals search for new ways to deepen their self-awareness and find inner peace. Intriguingly, recent scientific studies suggest that magic mushrooms may have the potential to enhance meditative practices. Our article delves into these findings, providing a glimpse of how psilocybin—the active ingredient in these fungi—might alter the meditation experience. Discover why researchers are so captivated by this synergy between ancient […]

Meditation Vs Prayer: Understanding The Key Differences

Meditation and prayer are two practices that have been used for centuries to cultivate inner peace, spiritual growth, and connection with a higher power. While both may involve moments of quiet reflection and introspection, there are key differences between the two practices.  Meditation often involves sitting quietly, focusing on the breath or a mantra, aiming to […]

Exploring Transcendental Meditation Alternatives

Meditation is popular. Many people try it. But sometimes, Transcendental Meditation (TM) doesn’t fit everyone’s needs. You might be one of those looking for something different. Don’t worry; we’ve got you covered with alternatives that could work better for your lifestyle or preferences. One key point to remember is that TM uses a mantra, but not every meditation […]

Enhancing Meditation with Headphones

When trying to meditate many of us can get distracted by the outside noise. There’s a simple solution: using headphones. This method helps cut out distractions, making it easier to relax and concentrate. One interesting fact is that meditating with headphones can make your practice better. It enhances focus and lets you dive deeper into relaxation or mindfulness. […]

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