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How to have a peaceful mind

In today’s world, stress is everywhere. Whether it comes from social media, work, school, relationships, or family, we are constantly bombarded with information and demands. This constant barrage of stimuli makes it difficult to focus on anything else. And when we don’t take time to relax and unwind, it often results in burnout and exhaustion.

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Self-directed neuroplasticity: How to change your brain for the better

The human brain is capable of changing its structure and function in response to experience. The brain’s ability to change itself as we learn new things and adapt to our environment is known as neuroplasticity. Taking a psychological approach to mindfulness means understanding this process a bit better; so what are some examples of neuroplasticity?

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The definition of mindfulness according to psychology

Mindfulness practice has become increasingly mainstream in recent years, straying from its roots in Asia and growing in popularity in the West. Many people have embraced it as a part of their daily life, a practice that can significantly boost mental, physical, and emotional health. This development is partly due to changing beliefs about mindfulness

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