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The incredible power of breathwork to increase energy

Most of us don’t think much about breathing throughout our daily lives. We never really consider the fact that we are breathing, let alone how we are breathing. But the truth is, how we breathe is an important part of our physical health that we should always aim to be aware of. It’s likely you’re

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The Obstacle is the Path: a Zen approach to overcoming any challenge

Deriving from a Zen proverb, the phrase ‘the obstacle is the path’ refers to the idea that no obstacle can be navigated just by avoidance; you must tackle it head-on. This school of thought insists that obstacles actually present opportunities for improvement. Overcoming challenging situations can make us stronger, more resolute, and more robust. Choosing

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Premeditatio Malorum: The Importance of Negative Visualization

Many people will tell you that positive thinking is the optimum way to get yourself through the downturns of life. While it is useful to try and have a hopeful attitude, refusing to acknowledge negative experiences and difficult times for what they are actually has the potential to worsen your struggles. Premeditatio Malorum is a

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Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional | How to avoid suffering unnecessarily

For many of us who have developed an interest in meditation, it is likely that we stumbled upon it in an attempt to end some form of pain or suffering in our lives – that may even be what has brought you to this very article. Whether we experience some form of chronic physical pain,

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Amor Fati

The Stoic Power of ‘Amor Fati’

Like the Stoic philosophers of ancient Rome and Greece, Friedrich Nietzsche (the nineteenth-century German philosopher) believed that the path to happiness is in accepting life exactly the way it is. He thought that to be given any kind of hope is delusional as the uncomfortable truth is that life is hard. In fact, it’s often

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Resilience Infographic

How to develop resilience [INFOGRAPHIC]

Problems and stress are an unavoidable fact of modern life. We encounter it every day, seemingly all the time. They could have many sources, from caring for our children or parents to maintaining a positive balance in the bank to holding down a job. To add to this, there will always be unexpected events –

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