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Wu Wei: A New Approach To Life

The idea of slowing down and breaking away from the constant search for success can seem a little alien in the modern world. We’re told by popular culture, entertainment, and social media that we always need to be setting goals, striving for targets, and working on our side hustles. But is that really sustainable? Knowing

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What is equanimity

If you’ve dipped your toes into the world of meditation and mindfulness, it’s likely you’ve come across the word “equanimity”. It’s a term that’s referenced a lot in relation to the mental stability and composure brought about by mindfulness practice. You may have heard someone talk about this state as the desired goal of a

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The 4 Stoic Virtues That Will Make You a Better Person

What is Stoicism? You might have heard people refer to the idea of being “stoic” as having a “stiff upper lip” or being able to endure pain and hardship without complaining. In reality, the idea of Stoicism is far more than that — this term refers to a form of ancient Greek philosophy, which according

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How meditation changes the brain

Meditation has been shown by researchers to help reduce stress, boost calmness, and improve mental health — but how does this happen? Research shows that meditation achieves positive results by physically changing parts of the brain. Meditating for a few minutes a day might help rein in wandering thoughts and help you stay focused throughout

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The perfectionist trap: Why we’re attracted to it, how it makes us miserable, and how to get out of it

Do you often find yourself paralysed by the need for perfection? Are you the type of person who is never quite satisfied with your work, no matter how hard you try? If so, you may be sabotaging your own success without even realising it. The modern world is rife with dissatisfaction. Whatever we do, and

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The Divided Brain: How the Left and Right Hemispheres Work Differently

Attention is a spectrum — it’s not as simple as the binaries we’re often taught when we’re young. While sometimes we need to practise focused attention, in other situations, different forms of awareness are necessary. But why is this? To answer that question, it’s worth taking a look at the human brain, which inevitably shapes

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