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RAIN Meditation Technique

Everyone experiences negative emotions from time to time — this is totally normal. However, when negative emotions persist and become overwhelming, they can start to affect your mental and physical health. Fortunately, there’s a simple meditation technique you can use to help you let go of negative emotions. This technique is called RAIN, and it

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The definition of mindfulness according to psychology

Mindfulness practice has become increasingly mainstream in recent years, straying from its roots in Asia and growing in popularity in the West. Many people have embraced it as a part of their daily life, a practice that can significantly boost mental, physical, and emotional health. This development is partly due to changing beliefs about mindfulness

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Toxic positivity: How pseudo-positivity can hurt our health

In recent years social media and lifestyle blogs have been flooded with encouragements to find the silver lining with mantras like, “good vibes only”, or “think positive”. On the surface, these well-intentioned messages may seem like the perfect attitude to adopt when dealing with feelings of sadness, loneliness or anxiety, or when trying to support

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How to meditate at work

Should you meditate at work? It is undoubtedly the case that the events of the past year or so have greatly affected the way we work. And now, over a year on from the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic, many of us are still in very unfamiliar working environments. Whether you are working from your

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7 Techniques to Help Calm a Busy Mind

The human brain processes thousands of thoughts per day. Understandably, this can become overwhelming at times, particularly if you feel as though persistent negative thoughts are taking over your daily life. The feeling of being unable to ‘switch off’ is not uncommon; however, it can have far-reaching effects. Cognitive theories suggest that our thoughts can

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The benefits of spending time in nature

The modern world is fast-paced, competitive and stressful. It is also becoming increasingly digitalised. Our daily lives are busier than ever before, and we are under increasing amounts of pressure, be it work, school or otherwise. It is challenging to carve out the time in our daily routines to do the things that truly bring

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