Meditation Training

Author : Filipe Bastos

MindOwl Founder - My own struggles in life have led me to this path of understanding the human condition. I graduated with a bachelor’s degree in philosophy before completing a master’s degree in psychology at Regent’s University London.  I then completed a postgraduate diploma in philosophical counselling before being trained in ACT (Acceptance and commitment therapy). I've spent the last eight years studying the encounter of meditative practices with modern psychology.

How Healthcare Professionals Are Shaping Healthcare’s Future through Medical Research Surveys

The field of medicine is in a state of constant evolution, with new advancements and breakthroughs emerging at a rapid pace. Healthcare professionals are the backbone of these developments, providing essential care to patients and playing a critical role in shaping the trajectory of healthcare. There has recently been a growing interest among healthcare professionals […]

Mindfulness Vs Being Present: Is There A Difference

Mindfulness and being present have become buzzwords, often used interchangeably. But do they mean the same thing? Let’s crack that code together. Mindfulness is not just about focusing on your breath or sitting quietly; it encompasses much more. It’s about enhancing your awareness and understanding of your thoughts and feelings without judgment. This blog post […]

Improving Acute Care for Older Adults

Image Source The increasing number of older adults requiring acute care presents a significant challenge to our healthcare system. As this population grows, the demand for specialized care tailored to their unique needs becomes extremely important. Older adults often face complex health issues that require an integrated approach to manage effectively. Recognizing and addressing these […]

Depression And Anxiety In Men Undergoing Prostate Cancer Treatment

Dealing with prostate cancer is tough for men. One fact stands out – many face anxiety and depression during treatment. This article will show ways to tackle these mental health challenges. Let’s start the conversation. Key Takeaways Understanding the Psychological Impact of Prostate Cancer Treatment Prostate cancer treatment can have a significant impact on the […]

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