Meditation Training

Author : Filipe Bastos

MindOwl Founder - My own struggles in life have led me to this path of understanding the human condition. I graduated with a bachelor’s degree in philosophy before completing a master’s degree in psychology at Regent’s University London.  I then completed a postgraduate diploma in philosophical counselling before being trained in ACT (Acceptance and commitment therapy). I've spent the last eight years studying the encounter of meditative practices with modern psychology.

The Impact of Stress on Aging: Mental Health Tips

In today’s fast-paced world, stress has become a common part of life. According to the American Psychological Association, chronic stress is linked to numerous health issues, including accelerated aging. While we cannot completely eliminate stress from our lives, understanding its impact on aging and learning how to manage it can significantly improve our overall well-being. […]

Addressing Environmental Health Issues in Urban Planning

Source Urban planning plays a crucial role in shaping the health and well-being of city dwellers. As urban areas continue to expand, addressing environmental health issues becomes increasingly important. Poor urban planning can lead to a host of health problems, from air and water pollution to inadequate housing and transportation systems. These issues not only […]

Mental Health Service Delivery: 4 Current Challenges and How to Overcome Them

Source: Pexels The delivery of mental health services faces unprecedented challenges. With more people needing support from behavioral health services, and a lack of resources to deliver it, the pressure is mounting for leaders in this field. Here’s a closer look at the four key challenges currently impeding mental health service delivery, with some ideas […]

Understanding the Differences Between Grounding and Mindfulness

Grounding and mindfulness are two banks of the river we can reach for stability. Despite their differences, both offer ways to manage our turbulent thoughts and bring us back to solid ground. Mindfulness focuses on living in the now, paying close attention without judgment. Grounding techniques, however, anchor us during emotional storms by reconnecting with […]

Ten strategies to manage anxiety during your summer getaway

Many people feel nervous about their summer getaways. Deep breathing techniques have proven to reduce this anxiety. This article will offer ten strategies to help you manage your holiday nerves, from relaxation methods for vacation to tips for reducing travel-related anxieties. Keep reading for a calmer trip ahead. Key Takeaways Understanding Travel Anxiety Travel anxiety involves feeling stressed or overwhelmed […]

The Root Of Dental Fear: Understanding And Addressing Your Anxiety 

Dental anxiety affects people of all ages, particularly children, adults with past negative experiences, those with general anxiety or phobias, individuals with a history of trauma, the elderly, patients needing extensive dental work, and those with sensitive gag reflexes.   Children fear the unknown, while adults often fear pain and loss of control. Those with […]

Enhancing Emotional Intelligence Through Mindfulness Practices

Emotional intelligence – the ability to recognize and manage our own emotions as well as others – is a superpower. But how can we cultivate this invaluable skill? The answer may lie in the ancient practice of mindfulness. Recent research reveals a powerful connection between mindfulness and heightened emotional intelligence. By training our minds to […]

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