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The incredible power of breathwork to increase energy

Most of us don’t think much about breathing throughout our daily lives. We never really consider the fact that we are breathing, let alone how we are breathing. But the truth is, how we breathe is an important part of our physical health that we should always aim to be aware of. It’s likely you’re

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Breathwork vs Meditation

Breathwork vs Meditation: what’s the difference and which is right for you?

Breathing is central to most forms of meditation. However, that doesn’t mean breathwork and meditation are the same thing. In fact, for many who struggle to sit down and concentrate on their thoughts, breathwork practices are becoming an increasingly viable alternative to traditional meditation.  While some people may substitute meditation for breathwork sessions, here at

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Breathwork for sleep: Breathing exercises to help you sleep

Breathwork for sleep: can breathing exercises help you to sleep better? Many of us will struggle to transition to sleep at night because we try to go to bed with our minds still active from the day. This can result in struggles sleeping, stress and anxiety. So what should we do before bed to get

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How mindfulness can cure your email apnea

You may have heard of apnea in the context of sleep, but have you ever come across the term email apnea? Sleep apnea, for those who are unaware, is the condition whereby a person’s breathing will stop and start while they sleep. The other symptoms of sleep apnea can include making gasping or wheezing noises

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