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A Guide to Building Healthy Boundaries in All Areas of Your Life

Even though we have accessibility to educational resources like fast track nursing programs online, it seems some information is still fairly slow to circulate. Despite the conversation around a healthy mind/work/life balance opening up significantly in recent years, some people are still afraid of one critical aspect of maintaining a healthy existence – setting boundaries. […]

Stop Projecting Insecurities Onto Others: Overcoming Self-Doubt

Do you find yourself getting upset with people for no reason? Maybe it’s because you’re seeing your own fears in them. This behaviour is called projection. It means we put our feelings onto other people instead of dealing with them ourselves. One key fact here: projecting your insecurities doesn’t help anyone. Not you, not the person you’re throwing […]

Channelling Righteous Indignation To Help The World

Feeling outrage at unfair things is common. This emotion, known as righteous indignation, drives us to want change. Our article will show you how to use this powerful feeling for good, turning anger into action. Get ready to make a difference. Key Takeaways Understanding Righteous Indignation Righteous indignation is a type of anger sparked by unfairness or moral wrongs. This feeling […]

Why Do I Say Sorry So Much? Tips To Stop Over-Apologising

Have you ever found yourself saying sorry for things that aren’t even your fault? You’re not alone. Many of us have the habit of over-apologising, even in situations where an apology isn’t needed. This can leave us feeling drained and can make others view us as less confident. Interestingly, research shows that apologising too much might make people like […]

Compassion Vs Empathy: Understanding The Key Differences

Many of us get confused when trying to understand how we relate to the feelings and sufferings of others. This confusion often stems from not knowing the difference between empathy and compassion. Empathy involves stepping into someone else’s shoes, and feeling what they feel. However, compassion goes a step further—it’s not just about understanding someone’s feelings but also wanting […]

What Is Emotional Intelligence? A Comprehensive Guide

Emotional intelligence, known as emotional quotient (EQ), is about understanding and managing our feelings and those of others. This skill helps us get along with people and lead them well, especially at work. The idea was first suggested by Mayer, Salovey, and David Caruso (MSC). They told us about five main parts: knowing our emotions, controlling them, motivating […]

Self-Soothing Techniques: 20 Ways to Calm Distress and Find Balance

Feeling overwhelmed by emotions is a challenge that many of us face. It is important to know that self-soothing techniques can be an effective tool for managing these feelings. This article will explore simple methods to help you find calm and build emotional resilience in your daily life. Let’s look at how you can soothe […]

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