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Radical Acceptance: Embracing Your Life as It Is

It is very important to our sense of wellbeing and mental health that we learn to make peace with the fact that we cannot control everything in our lives. We have all experienced painful situations and times where we felt like nothing was going our way, and it can be easy to slip into negative

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Meditation for anger management

Practising mindfulness can help us realise that anger need not be a problem. Anger is something that most people experience at least once or twice a day. It can arise if you feel like things aren’t going your way, or as though someone is trying to take advantage of you. Sometimes, you may experience an

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How to have a peaceful mind

In today’s world, stress is everywhere. Whether it comes from social media, work, school, relationships, or family, we are constantly bombarded with information and demands. This constant barrage of stimuli makes it difficult to focus on anything else. And when we don’t take time to relax and unwind, it often results in burnout and exhaustion.

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How Gratitude Changes Your Brain

Gratitude is a concept we are all familiar with; it is something we have all felt. Maybe we received an unexpected gift! Or a colleague has taken time out of their day to help us with our work. Gratitude is the feeling of acknowledging what we believe to be good and is often felt at

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Mindful Communication: How to Have More Empathic & Compassionate Conversations

Mindful communication involves applying the principles of mindfulness to the way we communicate with each other. By being mindful about how we interact with others, we can become more empathetic, compassionate, and honest, while simultaneously training ourselves to recognise and resist negative or aggressive reactions to those around us. Just like most mindfulness-based practices, mindful

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What is Tonglen meditation and how do I practise it?

Ancient Buddhist practices represent the root of most modern forms of meditation. However, many meditation styles are no longer guided by a spiritual path, having been adopted within various therapeutic or secular contexts because of their ability to foster calmness, peace of mind, and emotional intelligence. This is certainly true of the art of Tonglen

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