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Meditation For Grief And Loss

Experiencing grief and loss can feel overwhelming and disorienting. Did you know that meditation could be a beneficial tool in navigating these challenging times? Our article offers step-by-step guidance on how to use meditation to cope with grief, helping you process your emotions and find inner peace. Ready to begin your journey towards healing? Let’s dive in! Key

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Why do I feel Lonely In A Crowd?

Feeling alone, even when surrounded by a sea of people is a baffling reality for many individuals. Did you know that loneliness among the crowd is not simply about physical solitude but relates to deeper emotional disconnect? This article aims to shed light on why we often feel ‘Lonely In A Crowd’, the factors contributing to this state and how

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Grief Is Love With No Place To Go

Grief can feel like an overwhelming emotion, leaving us with a sense of love that seemingly has no place to go. Often attributed to Jamie Anderson, the saying “grief is love with no place to go” offers a fresh perspective on coping with loss. This article aims to help you understand grief in this context, offering guidance and tools for your healing journey. Let’s

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Why You’re Not Your Thoughts: How to Stop Identifying with Mental Suffering

When you’re lost in thought, it’s easy to get wrapped up in the mental stories you tell yourself. You may start to believe that you are your thoughts – after all, they are happening inside your head. But the truth is, you are not your thoughts. You are the one who is observing them. This

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No Mud, No Lotus

The Lotus Flower, a symbol of awakening in Zen Buddhism and other spiritual traditions, blooms in the murkiest, muddiest swamps. Its roots begin to grow under the swamp water and its buds reach their way to the surface where they bloom into stunning flowers. If you want the beautiful lotus flower of happiness, you must

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Letting Go: How to Use Meditation to let go of difficult emotions

Throughout most self-help or meditation practices, “Let it go” is an oversimplified mantra. It can be frustrating to be told to let things go, especially when this instruction comes at a time when we’re struggling with a negative experience or feeling. It can also be difficult to determine what letting go actually refers to. How

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