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How Gratitude Changes Your Brain

Gratitude is a concept we are all familiar with; it is something we have all felt. Maybe we received an unexpected gift! Or a colleague has taken time out of their day to help us with our work. Gratitude is the feeling of acknowledging what we believe to be good and is often felt at

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Seeking out the simple pleasures in life

We are often lead to believe that the only things worth celebrating in life are major events – things that we have had to work hard and sacrifice for. For example graduation, a new job, buying a house. The list goes on. However, an average person’s life is made up of far more days when

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Why appreciating what we have can make us happier

WHY DO WE OFTEN FEEL DISSATISFIED? For many of us, it seems as though we exist in a state of dissatisfaction for much of the time. Not content with life’s simple pleasures, we are always reaching for something ‘over there’ which we believe will make us feel happier and more content. Yet every time we

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