The Ultimate Guide To Navigating Life Changing Events

Life changes can come like a wave, unbidden and unstoppable. Whether it’s navigating a job loss, an unexpected move, or the loss of a loved one – these events can be particularly challenging to manage. This article provides an ultimate guide equipped with practical tips and strategies to help you traverse life’s unpredictable moments. Get ready to equip yourself with robust coping

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Unlocking the Beauty of Achieving Inner Peace and Contentment

Introduction In modern society’s hustle and bustle, finding inner peace can often feel like a challenging quest. Despite this, studies reveal that achieving tranquility within oneself is not only possible, it significantly improves our overall well-being. This informative article will guide you through practical steps on how to cultivate inner peace in your busy life. Ready for the journey towards

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Sympathetic joy: How to feel good when someone else is happy

We all experience moments of happiness and joy for others. It could be that your best friend has just secured their dream job, or your sibling has got into their first choice university. Maybe it’s something even simpler like your partner has discovered an amazing restaurant that sells their favourite food. Whatever it is that

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The Surprising Power of Loving-Kindness Meditation

Loving-Kindness Meditation (LKM) is a Buddhist-derived practice that teaches us to cultivate compassion, kindness and warmth toward ourselves and others. This technique can help reduce stress, anxiety, depression, anger, fear, and pain. Based on the principle of metta, which roughly means “positive energy towards others”, this practice is often used in conjunction with other forms

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Does manifesting work?

“Shut up, I’m manifesting”: a short, initially confusing phrase, but one that’s blown up on social media recently. Manifesting is a term that has become increasingly familiar to many of us, although there is still a lot of uncertainty about what it actually means, and crucially, whether it works. The lack of scientific support for

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What is Tonglen meditation and how do I practise it?

Ancient Buddhist practices represent the root of most modern forms of meditation. However, many meditation styles are no longer guided by a spiritual path, having been adopted within various therapeutic or secular contexts because of their ability to foster calmness, peace of mind, and emotional intelligence. This is certainly true of the art of Tonglen

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