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7 Techniques to Help Calm a Busy Mind

The human brain processes thousands of thoughts per day. Understandably, this can become overwhelming at times, particularly if you feel as though persistent negative thoughts are taking over your daily life. The feeling of being unable to ‘switch off’ is not uncommon; however, it can have far-reaching effects. Cognitive theories suggest that our thoughts can […]

The benefits of spending time in nature

The modern world is fast-paced, competitive and stressful. It is also becoming increasingly digitalised. Our daily lives are busier than ever before, and we are under increasing amounts of pressure, be it work, school or otherwise. It is challenging to carve out the time in our daily routines to do the things that truly bring […]

Shadow self: how knowing your dark side can help you in life

Psychologist Carl Jung stated that integrating your shadow can lead to a more fulfilling life. But what is the shadow self? How do we identify it? Let’s take a look. What is the shadow self? Jungian theory explained Carl Jung was a Swiss psychoanalyst and psychiatrist who researched aspects of the human psyche in the […]

The benefits of journaling for your Mental Health and how to start it

Journaling is an incredible tool for your mental health and improving your emotional intelligence (EQ). It’s a simple yet powerful way to manage thoughts and feelings as you move from day to day and it’s far from a new invention. Journaling helps you gain clarity, problem solve and manage stressful events. Yet often people don’t […]

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