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The Shift:Awakening for modern minds. 

An online programme in the psychology of inner peace and lasting contentment.

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Awaken to a new reality!

Discover how to step out of your chattering mind to experience contentment and inner peace


‘The Human Condition’

Do you have a sense of discontentment? That something doesn’t quite feel right? The sense that there’s something missing, something wrong, something you must get. It could be material goods, a house, a car, a better education, self-improvement courses, new relationships.But no matter what you get, the same feeling comes back after a while…That is the “human condition” that many philosophers, thinkers and mystics have talked about for centuries. And even with all the progress in technology and improved standards of living over the past centuries, we have never been so anxious, stressed and depressed.Be honest with yourself and ask, have you found what you’ve been looking for?

Have you found what you’ve been looking for?

The search for Happiness

Humanity has always been searching for permanent solutions to its sense of discontentment. Over the centuries, many people from different cultures have been reporting experiencing higher states of consciousness and claiming that those states are what we always looked for. 

Some common names used for this level of consciousness are:

  • God Consciousness
  • Buddha Nature
  • Cosmic consciousness 
  • Pure consciousness 
  • True-Self or No-Self
  • Non-Dual Awareness 
  • Emptiness
  • Satori
  • Rigpa
  • Flow States
  • Peak experiences


The problem is that up to now to have access to the most effective techniques to achieve this sense of contentment and peace, you would normally have to join a religious or philosophical group that carries a lot of cultural baggage, or involves rituals and superstition. Moreover, these groups don’t usually speak the language of a modern person living in the 21st century as most methods to train the mind come from books that are hundred of years old. This can cause misunderstanding and frustration to those looking for lasting fulfilment and peace.

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Filipe Bastos

BA PhilosophyMSc PsychologyPGDip Philosophical CounsellingCertificate ACT TherapyFounder Mindowl.org

Hi, I’m Filipe!

I’m a psychology researcher. I’ve been studying, practising and teaching meditation for over 7 years, having developed specialist knowledge in meditation through completing many courses, workshops, and retreats.My own struggles in life have led me to this path of understanding the human condition. I started studying awakening experiences after feeling frustrated with the results I was getting from self-help and traditional psychology. Although they helped in alleviating some of my depression and anxiety symptoms that I’d had for almost 15 years, they never offered me a deep sense of fulfilment. It was only when I delved deeper into the nature of my mind that I found what I was looking for.In 2019, I founded Mindowl.org, an online platform dedicated to mindfulness and emotional intelligence that has since attracted over 2,900 students. My mission for Mindowl is to spread the knowledge I gained during my journey of exploration of the human mind, helping others to find contentment and peace.I hold a Master’s Degree in Psychology from Regent’s University London, a BA in Philosophy, and a post-graduate diploma in Philosophical Counselling. I’ve also trained in ACT – Acceptance and Commitment Therapy.


To help you experience genuine happiness and inner peace, I created a modern and secular programme including the best techniques I encountered during my studies.

The Shift – Awakening for modern minds

At Mindowl, we created a programme that will help you access this potential of the human mind using a language that speaks to our time using a combination of ancient meditative practices and modern psychology helping you speed up your journey into genuine happiness.

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The Next Course Begins on January 13th!Register Now To Reserve Your Place (Just 35 places are available)

What are awakening experiences?

Awakening experiences happen when there’s a softening of the “ego”(thinking mind) structure’s. It provides a sense of relief, connection, clarity and a different understanding that changes how one approaches life.We realise the limits of the thinking mind and how our limited beliefs cause distortion, separation and suffering.We shift out of the “I think, therefore I am, paradigm into ” I am, therefore, I think” paradigm.


A Glimpse of awakening

Remember a day…

… when you felt at ease, peaceful, connected with everything around you, fully immersed in what you were doing that you had no intrusive thoughts about yourself and could even feel a sense of love and appreciation for life. It could be a time in childhood, a walk in nature, when witnessing a beautiful sunset, when playing sports, or when engaged in an artistic activity. Psychology calls those moments “peak experiences”, moments of pure joy that stand out from everyday events. What most people don’t know is that those moments are not necessarily linked to the activities themselves, but to a quality of the mind. They happen when the mental structures of the “ego”, the voice in our heads, drop away allowing a new form of awareness to connect with the world around us. Training the mind allows us to experience more moments of clarity, freedom, joy, connection – independent from our external experiences. Glimpse by glimpse, awakening becomes our new reality.

Transformational Practices

Throughout the 8 weeks of the course, you’ll learn 24 different meditation techniques such as

Open Attention

We’ll learn a different way of being aware. Instead of using attention narrowly, focusing on just one object at a time, you will explore a more open level of awareness that’s associated with a sense of relief from the chattering mind. 

Cultivating the positive

The human brain is hard-wired to experience negative emotions more intensely and longer than positive ones, it’s a survival instinct – better to be safe than sorry.We’ll learn how to cultivate positive states to counter this tendency using positive psychology exercises focused on gratitude, forgiveness, self-compassion and kindness.

Traditional Mindfulness

We turn to traditional mindfulness skills to offer us support in stabilising the mind. Combining three attentional skills: Concentration, Clarity and Equanimity, we will have a clearer picture of what’s going on in our minds without feeling overwhelmed by its contents.


For centuries practices like koans and direct inquiry have been used to show that the analytical mind is limited in offering a clear picture of reality. We’ll use modern question style practices to discover a new way of knowing that doesn’t depend on the conceptual and analytical mind or is limited by its constraints. 

Big Self

Who are you? We would usually say our names, occupation, age, personality etc., but that doesn’t quite capture the complexity of who we are. In our practice, we’ll explore how to access a sense of self that is beyond words and concepts. This new sense presents a safe place that is unharmed by disturbing memories, negative emotions and beliefs that we may have about ourselves.

Inner Compass

If you were not constrained by your mind and the stories it creates, how would you like to live your life? How would you behave in the world, treat yourself and others? What would make you feel alive? Discover how to access your inner guide that will help you move towards your values in life.

Embracing the Shadows

We all experience intense, difficult emotions and have parts of our personalities we don’t like. Those parts and emotions have a great unconscious impact on our behaviours and wellbeing. We can learn how to bring those parts and emotions to mind in a welcoming and compassionate way, releasing the impact they have on us.

What You’ll Receive

Grounded in science and practical methods, this program explores the highest possibilities of human development. Drawing on the insights of eastern wisdom traditions and modern psychology, it will help you gain insights into your mind and change how you deal with your emotions, other people and the world.

Over 6 Hours of Powerful Teachings

Every week you’ll have access to some of the best meditation and positive psychology exercises that will help you step out from your analytical mind.

4 Live Q&A sessions

Have your questions answered and practice live every 2 weeks.

Access to an Engaged Community

Join over 400 people in our Facebook community. Have your questions answered and get support from your peers.

Our exclusive Facebook community has over 400 members. 

Our course will help you experience:

  • More focus and concentration
  • A silencing of the chattering mind.
  • More peace and contentment in your life
  • Less stress, anxiety and worry.
  • Less negative emotions and experienced for shorter durations.
  • More presence in your moment to moment experience.
  • Greater connection and compassion in your relationships.
  • More meaning and feelings of significance.
  • And much more…

Go Beyond Mindfulness

Research shows that mindfulness lowers stress-related symptoms, anxiety, depression, chronic pain and can lower blood pressure.Yet, traditional mindfulness practices can feel quite effortful when you try to bring your attention to the breath or to mental sensations. In our goal-oriented culture, it can feel laborious and mechanical leading to frustration and the idea that one can’t meditate.In our course, you’ll learn how to add different meditation techniques that help you go beyond a mindfulness practice, such as awareness-based practices, direct inquiry, open attention, non-dual mindfulness and much more. By trying different approaches, you can check which one suits you best, making your meditation more enjoyable.

Why “The Shift” differs from other meditation programmes?

Non-dogmatic approach

Rather than focusing on dogmas and rituals, we offer a pragmatic approach to human happiness. Our programme is informed by the latest developments in psychology.

Made for Modern Lifestyle

Our course is made for people living in the 21st century using a language that speaks to the challenges of our time

Not just for stress reduction

Most meditation programmes just cover the stress reduction part of meditation when in reality meditation offers us the chance to get a deep insight into the mind and who we are.


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Learn how to use the power of your breath to take charge of your autonomic nervous system

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Learn 24 different meditation techniques that will help you steady the mind, warm the heart, and bring insights into your true nature.  

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Positive Psychology

Learn 7 exercises that cultivate positive emotions such as gratitude, compassion, joy, and forgiveness.

Genuine happiness comes from the mind!

By happiness, I mean a deep sense of flourishing that arises from an exceptionally healthy mind. This is not a mere pleasurable feeling, a fleeting emotion, or a mood, but an optimal state of being.

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Matthieu Ricard

“The happiest man in the world”


Janet Adams

While going through one of the most difficult periods in my life, Filipe from Mindowl helped me turn things around in just 4 weeks. Looking back, the difference is almost unbelievable. Filipe is a very personable and makes effective communication easy, and it’s obvious his heart is in his practice.

Debbie Bee

I was so impressed with the superb content. The information and structure were clear and easy to put into practice. I have learnt so much and have come away with manageable tools to help and equip me in putting everything into practice for my future wellbeing. I would not hesitate to do further courses with them and am happy to give an excellent reference.

Rina Kalyan

The meditation exercises were phenomenal. My mind was cleared like an empty vessel. I felt an absolute calmness that I have never experienced before. It was like I was in a hypnotic state, a state of absolute bliss. I had a feeling of freedom and so much peace in my mind.

Natalia Watanabe

I would like to thank you for this amazing course. During this tough year, many doors have closed for me and I am really grateful that I could find your course. Being aware of me and my surrounding was a big change, learning to be kind to myself helped me become a stronger person.


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$100 OFF (Early bird + Newsletter discount)

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What’s included

  • 8-week course
  • 6 hours of video material
  • 4 live Q&A sessions
  • 24 different meditation techniques


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What’s included

  • 8-week course
  • 6 hours of video material
  • 4 live Q&A Sessions 
  • 24 different meditation techniques

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The Next Course Begins on January 13th!Register Now To Reserve Your Place (Just 35 places are available)


Money Back Guarantee

UNbeatable 100% Money-Back Guarantee

If, for any reason, you don’t feel that you are happier and calmer after taking the course, you can get a full refund anytime within 60 days after your purchase.Just get in touch with our friendly support team and they’ll either let you take the course again until you get the results or give you a swift refund. 


Is this program for everyone?

The practices in this programme have been used in various forms by countless people throughout history to explore the human potential. They are powerful techniques but they can stir things up, especially in people who have a history of bipolar disorder, borderline personality, dissociation, complex PTSD or psychotic process. If any of these apply to you, we suggest that you consider not doing the programme.

Is this a self-paced programme, or do I need to watch it at a specific time?

Every week you’ll receive the pre-recorded material that you can watch at any time. We also have 4 live sessions to address any questions you may have. The live sessions will be recorded and made available to those that can’t attend it live. You can also send your questions to hello@mindowl.org

What is the duration and structure of the program?

The programme runs for 8 weeks. Every week you’ll access a new material that will need one hour of your time. We recommend that you put aside one hour of your day to practice the exercises to get all the benefits of the programme. Once the 8 weeks are over, you’ll also have access to the course materials for an additional 8 weeks to catch up.

Are there scholarships available?

For those unable to pay for the online programme – such as students, people on a low fixed income, disabled, unemployed or on public assistance, there are 50% scholarships available. Simply, drop an email to hello@mindowl.org to let us know and why you want to do the course.

This is not for you if …

  • you’re just looking for a stress-reduction programme. 
  • you’re looking for a 10-minute “quick-fix” meditation. 
  • you already feel completely happy with our life.


All exercises covered in the programme are informed by the latest scientific knowledge in psychology.


In over 7 years of research, I selected just the exercises that are proven to be effective in boosting well-being.


If you don’t feel that you benefited from the course, you can receive a full refund.

Recap of what’s included

  • 8-week course
  • 6 hours of video material
  • 4 live Q&A sessions (Recording will be available)
  • Mp3’s with meditations
  • 24 different meditation techniques
  • 7 Positive psychology exercises
  • 4 Breathwork exercises
  • Access to our Facebook Community
  • Support via e-mail
  • 100% Money-back guarantee

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Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?

Mary Oliver

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