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Real Happiness comes from a healthy mind!

Join our FREE meditation challenge to see the changes you can experience in your life!

What’s included?

  • 7 techniques from our bigger programme: Real Happiness.
  • How to reduce the mental chatter in your head.
  • Questionnaires so you can track if the challenge has been helpful for you.
  • How to access a calm, happy and loving level of mind in the middle of your day. 
  • The latest scientific studies showing what happens to the brain when people access states of well-being.
  • The differences between traditional Mindfulness and Non-dual Mindfulness
  • Exercises from Positive Psychology to counter the negativity bias of the Brain.
  • 3 Breathing exercises to energise, balance and calm the mind.

Click on the link below to get free accessto the challenge:

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Who am I?

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BA PhilosophyMSc PsychologyPGDip Philosophical CounsellingCertificate ACT TherapyFounder of Mindowl.org

Hello, I’m Filipe

Through my personal experiences, I have always held a strong interest in human suffering and satisfaction; this greatly influenced my career path. I graduated with a bachelor’s degree in philosophy before completing a master’s degree in psychology at Regent’s University London.

I then completed a postgraduate diploma in philosophical counselling before being trained in ACT(Acceptance and commitment therapy).

I’ve spent the last seven years studying the encounter of meditative practices with modern psychology. I’ve found that besides the known benefits meditation can bring to our lives, such as reduced stress and anxiety, improved quality of sleep, decreased blood pressure; the greatest benefit of meditation is the possibility to feel at peace, despite the external circumstances of our lives.

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I’m a member of the British Psychological Society

[thrive_global_fields id=’1′]Is a registered company in England and Wales 11450846.

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