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About us

MindOwl is a London-based startup which is dedicated to offering high quality online training in emotional intelligence. Our philosophy of education is different from the standard approach – we take a softer approach, focusing on how to better understand your own mind and emotions. We have carefully curated the best learning tools and latest insights from the realm of psychology to help you to improve your life and to help you live your life to the full without the restraint imposed by difficult feelings and emotional challenges.

Meet the team…

Hi there, I’m Filipe Bastos and thank you for visiting us at MindOwl! If you’re reading this you’re probably wishing life was a little better right now. I understand exactly how you feel. I have been struggling with anxiety for over 10 years and that’s also why I’m here.Through my personal experiences, I have always held a strong interest in human suffering and satisfaction; this greatly influenced my career path. I graduated with a bachelor’s degree in philosophy before completing a master’s degree in psychology at Regent’s University London. I then completed a postgraduate diploma in philosophical counselling before being trained in ACT by Dr. Russ Harris.

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As a Content Creator at MindOwl, I help supplement MindOwl founder Filipe Bastos’ high-quality mindfulness training with helpful blog posts free for anyone to read. I graduated from Goldsmiths, University of London with a degree in English, focusing particularly on modern fiction.

Since then, I have worked largely as a freelance writer for publications including NME, Resident Advisor, and The Quietus. In addition to my culture journalism, I have produced digital marketing copy, and more recently honed my knowledge of a range of mindfulness-based subjects, allowing me to channel my interest in mental and physical health and inform others about the benefits of meditation and mindful activity. 

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