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  • “As much as 80% of adult “success” comes from Emotional Intelligence” — Daniel Goleman
  • Imagine a world-class researcher who’s too anxious to give a lecture. Or a busy, self-made millionaire who’s desperately lonely. These people are smart, but they may lack emotional intelligence. As Daniel Goleman said, out of control emotions can make smart people stupid”.

    So, we should treat emotional intelligence (EI) with the seriousness it deserves. Studies show that people with higher EI make better leaders. They also form more satisfying relationships with friends and partners. Most importantly, emotionally intelligent people live happier lives!

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    What is emotional intelligence?

    By now, most people have heard of this phrase, but many still don’t understand what it means to be emotionally intelligent.  Contrary to popular belief, emotional intelligence is not just being nice to others. It runs much deeper than this. To be emotionally intelligent is: 

    1) To be aware of your emotions and other people’s.

    2) To manage your behaviour and facilitate positive behaviour in others.

    To be emotionally intelligent is a complete way of life. If you’ve got it, it will subtly shape every action that you take. In this way, it can bring success to multiple areas of your life.

    How being more emotionally intelligent can benefit me?

    Studies have shown that a high emotional quotient (or EQ) is correlated with career success, leadership skills, better health, relationship satisfaction, humour, and happiness. 

     It is also the best antidote to work stress and it matters in every job — because all jobs involve dealing with people, and people with higher EQ are more rewarding to deal with.


    • Confidence: Feeling equipped to deal with a range of emotions that may arise day to day will help boost our confidence.
    • Better Relationships: Practicing flexibility, tolerance, understanding and acceptance will help relationships to grow and flourish.
    • Respect from Others: Acting with thoughtfulness, honesty and empathy will encourage others to enjoy spending time with you.
    • Success at Work: An ability to practice effective teamwork, good communication skills and be proactive should help you thrive in a work environment.  


    Self-Awareness + Regulation

    Social Skills

    Sensitivity + Empathy

    • Managing your own emotions: The ability to recognise your emotional triggers. Understanding what motivates and drives you and what your values are.
    • Social Skills: Building rapport and trust with others, having good communication skills. Having the ability to manage relationships and make others feel at ease.
    • Recognising moods: Appreciating that more may be going on below the surface, taking on board the situations of others. Understanding different behaviour styles, allowing for different perspectives, asking questions and listening.

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    ​Emotional Intelligence can be trained!

    The good news is, emotional intelligence is something we can develop. Think of emotional intelligence as a set of tools we can use to build (and maintain) success. Indeed, if you’re feeling frustrated or unfulfilled, you may benefit from EI training.

    You can learn how to interact more effectively with other people and with your own emotions.

    To help you improve your EQ, we created the“Emotional Intelligence – Bundle”


    • 6 hours of video with 3 qualified Psychotherapists
    • “Emotional intelligence – Introduction” course
    • “Mindfulness for stress and anxiety” course
    • “Take care of your mental health” course
    • Animations that enrich the learning experience
    • Workbook and Exercises
    • 3 PowerPoint presentations
    • 21 day action plan
    • Exclusive Facebook group access with peer support
    • Have your questions answered by a qualified Psychologist in our Facebook Group

    You can also get a certificate of Completion!

    Copy of Copy of Janet Cottrell Mindowl Certificate

    3 Courses are included in the bundle:

    Instance 1Copy of Copy of Veena courseJoanna BannerTiago Brandao

    Courses Syllabuses:

    Emotional Intelligence course:

    1)What is Emotional Intelligence?

    2) Emotions + Why We Have Them:

    3) Self-Awareness – getting in touch with our emotions

    4) Understanding Emotional Influences

    5) Emotional Self-Management

    6) Relating To & Understanding Others

    7) Managing Relationships

    Mindfulness for stress and anxiety course:

    1)Understanding why we feel anxiety in our body

    2) Worry awareness

    3) Mindful Activity

    4) Using calm breathing

    5) Mindful of past/present/future

    6) Practising Mindfulness

    7) Questions and Answers

    Take care of your Mental Health:

    1) Know your emotions

    2) ​Know your core beliefs

    3) Learn how to break cycles

    4) ​Know your needs

    5) ​Practice authentic self-care

    6) Being good enough

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    Joanna Rodriguez

    Psychologist and CBT Therapist

    About the Instructors

    Joanna is a Psychologist and CBT Therapist (HCPC and BABCP accredited). She has over 10 years of practical experience working within a variety of NHS and private settings. As a CBT therapist, Joanna works with people suffering from a variety of life stresses and mental health difficulties, including depression, panic, OCD, anxiety, phobias, PTSD, relationship difficulties, work related stress etc. As a Health Psychologist, Joanna also works with people experiencing long-term persistent pain and other chronic physical health conditions, using psychological approaches to offer more holistic condition management.


    Veena Ugargol

    CBT Therapist and Yoga Therapist

    Veena Ugargol is a Cognitive Behavioural Psychotherapist and a Yoga Therapist for Mental Health with 7 years’ experience of treating PTSD, depression and anxiety disorders within the NHS and privately. She combines the insights of yoga therapy, mindfulness, psychotherapy and neuroscience in the management of symptoms related to stress, anxiety, depression and trauma.

    Tiago Brandao

    Tiago Brandao

    Psychologist and psychoterapist

    Tiago Brandao (MSc Psych) originally trained as a Psychologist at one of the most renowned universities in his home country, Brazil. During his training he came across the Gestalt Therapy approach which fitted with his own views of human development. He now has a Dip. in Gestalt Psychotherapeutic Counselling and a MSc in Gestalt Psychotherapy and is a registered member of BACP and UKCP. Throughout his training and professional life he has worked at a wide range of services, and have accumulated more than 15 years of practical experience of working with different client groups, from young refugees to high achieving finance professionals.

    About us:


    MindOwl is a London-based startup which is dedicated to offering high quality online training in emotional intelligence. Our philosophy of education is different from the standard approach – we take a softer approach, focusing on how to better understand your own mind and emotions.

    We have carefully curated the best learning tools and latest insights from the realm of psychology to help you to improve your life and to help you live your life to the full without the restraint imposed by difficult feelings and emotional challenges.

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    100% Satisfaction Guarantee!

    You are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee. If you don’t think you benefited from our workshop over the next 30 days, just let us know and we’ll send you a prompt refund.


    “You need Mindowl in your life. What an excellent program. While going through one of the most difficult periods in my life, Filipe from Mindowl helped me turn things around in just 4 weeks. Looking back the difference is almost unbelievable. Not only are the concepts of emotional intelligence and its importance explained clearly, the practical exercises really work! The accompanying online courses are accessible, well presented, engaging and informative. I would recommend to everyone. You’ll be surprised at the results”

    janet adams hypnotherapist

    Janet Adams


    “I have just finished the course in Mindfulness for Stress and Anxiety. I cannot thank MindOwl enough for the opportunity to do this online course. I was so impressed with the superb content. The information and structure were clear and easy to put into practice. I have learnt so much and have come away with manageable tools to help and equip me in putting everything into practice for my future wellbeing. I would not hesitate to do further courses with them and am happy to give an excellent reference.”

    Debbie BeeLife coach

    “I took the Emotional Intelligence course, and it was a really helpful and enriching experience.The course is presented in a really accessible way and helps you to identify patterns of behaviours that we are conditioned to have and sometimes don’t even notice.Observing these patterns and learning how to deal with them is the first step to a significant change in your life. The “Action Plan” in particular really helped me to apply the theory I learned in the course in real life. Highly recommended!”


    Luiza Braulio

    Kakao Kraft

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    “Emotional competence is the single most important personal quality that each of us must develop and access to experience a breakthrough.  Only through managing our emotions can we access our intellect and our technical competence. An emotionally competent person performs better under pressure.”  – Dave Lennick, Executive VP, American Express Financial Advisers

    P.S.: Don’t let emotions get in the way of living a rich and meanigful life. Start investing in your emotional intelligence education today

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