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Find peace

of mind


our 1-to-1 online sessions

(you’re fully protected by our money-back guarantee)

  • Do you want to cope with stress better?
  • Are you always feeling anxious or worried?
  • Do you want to rid yourself of the compulsive mental chatter that gets in the way of you doing the things that are important to you?
  • Do you want to increase your sense of happiness and well-being?
  • Or create positive, impactful habits in your life?


Change your mind and rewire your brain for a better life!


Meditation has been proven to help decrease levels of stress and anxiety, prevent relapses of depression, increase immune function, and lower blood pressure among many other benefits. It works by helping you to calm the compulsive chatter in your head and free yourself from your problems and worries. By seeing what is happening more clearly, you can reduce negative patterns of behaviour to find inner peace.

Meditation is about changing the reality of our lives by training our minds, so we can learn to live with greater intensity, enhanced clarity, and find more fulfilment in the everyday experience of life.

Free 35-minute session

Use the calendar below to book a free 1:1 introductory session. No strings attached.

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Meditation is like a gym for the mind

The same way you exercise your body to be well-prepared for daily life and increase your sense of well-being, you can exercise your mind to be able to better-handle life’s challenges and ultimately increase your sense of happiness


Meditation works


Meditation works! Thousands of scientific studies have shown the positive effects of meditation on your brain. This is not another self-help trend based on positive thinking and self-affirmations. Brain scans show that the brain of someone who meditates regularly is quite different to the scans of their non-meditating counterparts.

What kind of Meditation do you teach?

I developed my own Meditation system by studying methods developed in early Buddhism alongside, contemporary teachers such as Shinzen Young, Loch Kelly, and Jon Kabat-Zinn, My practice is inspired by various courses and training I have undertaken, including MBSR and MBCT courses, and ACT (Acceptance and Commitment Therapy) training. I also incorporate breathing and positive psychology exercises. You can learn from over 30 different methods to find one that resonates the most with you. 

Meditation techniques can be broadly divided into:

  • Awareness practices: Directly placing attention on awareness itself instead of on the contents of the mind.
  • Direct inquiry: Actively dig into and seek the nature of the mind.
  • Mantra-based practices: Using specific words or sounds as an object of concentration to quiet the mind.
  • Mindfulness-based practices: focus on the present moment in a non-reactive way.
  • Noting-based practices: Awareness and mental labeling of ongoing mental experience.

My method uses the precise scientific language, so you can understand the process underlying meditation step-by-step and I focus on bringing Mindfulness to your daily life instead of long hours of sitting meditation. We can also cover some basic brain science and psychology if that appeals to you.It has no connection with any religious or spiritual traditions. You can practice it if you have faith or no faith at all. 

Heart mindfulness

Go beyond the Meditation app

Apps can be a great place to start to get a basic idea of what meditation is, but they lack a structured system and support that helps you improve your skills over time. You can use them for months without feeling like you progress on your meditation path.App-based meditation also lacks interaction with a teacher who you can discuss your challenges with or receive tailored advice and practice suggestions specifically designed for you and your life. Talking about what you are learning is one of the best ways to make skills like meditation stick.One-to-one interaction helps to speed up the learning process.

Flexible learning

You don’t need to spend your time commuting to a meditation training centre. You can learn from the comfort of your home.

Availability: Monday to Thursday: 9 am till 7 pm – UK time

Friday: 9 am to 1 pm – UK Time

Check the time in your time zone: Time converter

The 5 major benefits of Meditation

  • 1Reduces perceived emotional or physical suffering.
  • 2Elevates your sense of fulfilment.
  • 3Deepens the knowledge of who you are.
  • 4Makes positive behaviour changes.
  • 5Cultivates more compassion towards yourself and others.

Pick the fee that feels right for you

Instance 1


For students or those who have had their income affected recently






(Sessions are booked 4 at a time)

  • 50-minute session
  • Meditations in MP3 format

Standard fee 






(Sessions are booked 4 at a time)

  • 50-minute sessions
  • Meditations in MP3 format
  • Exclusive support via WhatsApp
  • Daily reminders sent to you
  • Money-back guarantee


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Filipe Bastos

Mindfulness CoachMSc PsychologyFounder of Mindowl.orgHi, I’m Filipe, I’ve been practising and teaching meditation for 7 years, having developed specialist knowledge in meditation through completingmany courses, workshops, and retreats.

In 2018, I founded Mindowl.org, an online platform dedicated to mindfulness and emotional intelligence that has since attracted over 2900 students.

I hold a Master’s Degree in Psychology from Regent’s University London, a BA in Philosophy, and a post-graduate diploma in Philosophical Counselling. I’ve also trained in ACT – Acceptance and Commitment Therapy – with Dr Russ Harris, and Dr. Stephen C. Hayes.

My own struggles in live had  led me to this path of understanding the human condition, what we can do to alleviate suffering and build meaningful lives. Meditation has been by far the best thing I have ever experienced on my journey.

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While going through one of the most difficult periods in my life, Filipe from Mindowl helped me turn things around in just 4 weeks. Looking back, the difference is almost unbelievable. Filipe is a very personable and makes effective communication easy and it’s obvious his heart is in his practice.

Janet Adams

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The meditation exercises during the workshop were phenomenal. My mind was cleared. It was an empty vessel, like it is supposed to be during meditation. I felt an absolute calmness that I have never experienced before. It was like I was in a hypnotic state. A state of absolute bliss. I did have a good rest after the meditation as my mind was calm and empty and the body was light, I also slept well. I had a feeling of freedom and so much peace of mind.

Rina Kalyan

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I cannot thank MindOwl enough for the opportunity to do the online course. I was so impressed with the superb content. The information and structure were clear and easy to put into practice. I have learnt so much and have come away with manageable tools to help and equip me in putting everything into practice for my future wellbeing. I would not hesitate to do further courses with them and am happy to give an excellent reference. 

Debbie Bee

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I would like to thank you for this amazing course. During this tough year, many doors have closed for me and I am really grateful that I could find your course. Being aware of me and my surrounding was a big change, learning to be kind to myself helped me become a stronger person. I wish you all the best, and I thank you again for this experience.

Natalia Watanabe

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I have practiced mindfulness before but did not understand the process as well as I do now following on from completing this course. I have a greater understanding of mindfulness and the benefits it has. I have learnt about the automatic nervous system in other courses however the way it is described here is much easier to understand. I really enjoyed this course as I live with anxiety and depression and mindfulness is an excellent way to cope with some of the symptoms.

Lorraine Whitmore

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I really enjoyed this course. I liked how it included the research and scientific background behind mindfulness as well as opportunities to practise mindful activities. My understanding of worry and thinking processes has really improved and I feel better equipped in dealing with these thoughts in my daily life.

Rachel Harte

Free 35-minute session

Drop me a message via e-mail or text so we can organise an introductory session. No strings attached.



You are fully protected by my 100% Money-Guarantee.

If, for any reason, after working with me for 8 weeks and following my instructions, you don’t feel that you experience any change in your sense of well-being, I will provide a refund. 

What can you expect from our sessions?


  • A combination of content presentation, informal chat, guided meditations, and discussions of your experience.
  • A safe, non-judgmental space to explore your feelings and work through any issues you are experiencing.
  • Ask me any question you might have via e-mail or WhatsApp during the duration of our training together.
  • Useful materials and articles will be sent to you on a regular basis.
  • Be part of my growing community of meditation students.

What you will learn:

3 pillars of Mental Training

  • The 3 components of Mindfulness: Concentration, Sensory Clarity, and Equanimity
  • How to relax effectively
  • The difference between attention and awareness
  • Sensory Clarity: A tour of your senses
  • Breathwork: Using the breath to improve your well-being
  • How to cultivate positive emotions
  • Values: getting in touch with what is really important
  • Mindfulness of emotions: How to be more emotionally intelligent
  • Equanimity: Combining acceptance and non-judgment
  • The scientific basis for Mindfulness
  • Mindfulness on the go: Learn how to apply mindfulness to your daily life
  • Establishing a routine practice
  • Tackling the challenges of meditation

Free 35-minute session

Click on the button below to book a free 1:1 introductory session. No strings attached.


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