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How To Make Meditation Videos For YouTube

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Are you looking to share peace and calm on YouTube but not sure where to start? Many feel overwhelmed by the idea of creating content that can actually help others relax. Here’s a fact: with over 2 billion logged-in monthly users, YouTube is a perfect place for meditation videos.

This article will guide you through making your own meditation videos, from calming guided sessions to relaxing music sequences. You’ll learn everything you need – from planning your video to adding the right soundtrack.

Creating a successful meditation channel might seem like a big task, but it’s totally doable—and we’re here to help. We’ll cover different types of meditation videos you could make, offer tips for shooting and editing your footage, and suggest ways to make money from your channel.

Key Takeaways

  • You can make different types of meditation videos for YouTube, like guided meditations and positive affirmations.
  • To create successful content, choose the right music, use simple editing software, and follow effective filming techniques.
  • Join YouTube’s partnership program to earn money from your meditation videos. Use strategies to increase views and subscribers.
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Types of Meditation Videos for YouTube

– Guided meditation videos

– Positive affirmation videos

– Binaural beats relaxation videos

– Breath exercise videos

– Progressive relaxation videos

Guided meditation videos

Making guided meditation videos involves creating a script first. This script serves as the journey your viewers will take to relax and find peace. You’ll need soft, soothing background music that matches the tone of your narration.

The goal is to make viewers feel safe and comfortable, guiding them through relaxation techniques with your words.

Choosing the right visuals is also key. You might use serene landscapes or simple, calming animations to keep your audience focused. Remember, the aim is for people watching your video to unwind and clear their minds.

It’s all about creating an atmosphere where stress melts away at the sound of your voice paired with gentle music.

The power of guided meditation lies in its ability to transport listeners to a state of deep relaxation—an oasis of calm in a busy world.

Positive affirmation videos

Positive affirmation videos are a special type of meditation video that you can create for your YouTube channel. They help viewers replace negative thoughts with positive ones. This boosts self-love, confidence, and happiness.

Making these videos lets you share powerful messages of mindfulness with many people.

To make them, think about using calm music and simple visuals like calming landscapes or gentle animations. Speak affirmations clearly and kindly—like telling a friend they can achieve anything they set their mind to.

Choose words that lift spirits and inspire action towards personal growth and joy. These videos are not just about watching; they’re about transforming thoughts into positive energy every day.

Binaural beats relaxation videos

Binaural beats relaxation videos use a unique sound trick. They play two slightly different tones in each ear. This creates an illusion of a single tone that pulses at the beat difference between the two actual tones.

These videos help viewers relax deeply, sleep better, or focus more sharply.

Creators make these videos by mixing audio tracks with specific frequencies. They often pair these sounds with calming visuals like flowing water or slow-moving clouds. This combination can transport listeners to a state of peace and mental clarity.

Making such content involves using audio editing software to ensure the right frequencies are in place for the desired effect.

Breath exercise videos

Breath exercise videos are key for any meditation channel on YouTube. They focus on showing viewers how to control their breathing. This can lead to better mindfulness and peace within.

These videos often use the sky breath method, which is great for relaxing and getting rid of stress.

Andrew Huberman, an expert in meditation, teaches people about breath exercises through his online courses and app.

Creating such content needs careful planning. You have to include these breathing methods in a way that’s easy for your audience to follow along. It makes your meditation videos more helpful and engaging.

Progressive relaxation videos

Progressive relaxation videos guide viewers through a series of muscle-tensing and relaxing exercises. These steps aim to reduce stress and increase calmness in the body. This type of video is perfect for those looking to manage anxiety or simply find a moment of peace.

Viewers can follow along as the video leads them, focusing on each muscle group one at a time. This technique helps people become more aware of their bodies and release tension they might not have known was there.

Creating these videos involves scripting clear instructions and possibly using visual aids or calming visuals to enhance the experience. You might also select soft background music from a collection of royalty-free tunes to help set the right atmosphere.

Filming should capture this mood, perhaps by including natural scenes or soothing patterns that move slowly across the screen. With practice, creating progressive relaxation content could turn into an effective way to share wellbeing tips with others, making your YouTube channel a go-to resource for relaxation and stress relief.

Tips for Creating Meditation Videos

Use a simple video editing platform for easy editing.

Select suitable music to create the right atmosphere.

Using a video editing platform

Editing your meditation videos is straightforward with platforms like Deepbrain AI. These tools let you add special effects, cut scenes smoothly, and merge clips without hassle. They are designed to be user-friendly, so even if you’re new to video editing, you’ll find the process manageable.

Plus, these platforms support various types of meditation content – whether it’s tranquil music videos or guided relaxation sessions.

Choosing the right background tunes can make a big difference in your videos. Video editing software often has libraries of royalty-free music that fits well with meditation themes.

You can pick calming melodies that help viewers relax deeper into their practice. The best part is, using this type of music means you won’t face copyright issues when monetising your channel on YouTube.

Choosing the right music

Picking the best tunes is a big deal for meditation videos. You want music that helps viewers feel calm and focused. Use royalty-free tracks to avoid copyright issues. This way, you don’t worry about legal problems on your channel.

Look for songs with soft melodies or natural sounds like rain or waves.

Think about what feeling you want to give your audience. Do they need help sleeping? Choose lullabies or slow, gentle music. For stress relief, select tunes with a steady rhythm or nature sounds.

Always test the music with your video content before posting it on YouTube to make sure they fit well together.

Scripting and filming techniques

When creating meditation videos for YouTube, mastering scripting and filming techniques is crucial. Start by writing a calming script that guides viewers through the meditation. Use a simple language and soothing tone to engage the audience’s senses and emotions.

When filming, ensure good lighting and use high-quality equipment to capture clear visuals of nature, serene settings, or peaceful activities that complement the meditation script.

Incorporate smooth camera movements for a visually relaxing experience.

Remember, effective scripting and filming techniques are keys to engaging your audience in transformative meditative experiences on YouTube.

How to Monetise Your Meditation Videos on YouTube

To monetise your meditation videos on YouTube, join YouTube’s partnership programme to start earning from ad revenue. Use royalty-free music and footage to avoid copyright issues while creating unique content.

Implement strategies for increasing views and subscribers, such as promoting your videos across social media platforms.

Joining YouTube’s partnership programme

To join YouTube’s partnership program, you need at least 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 valid public watch hours in the past year. It’s crucial to follow all of YouTube Partner Program policies and guidelines.

Using royalty-free music and footage

To avoid copyright issues and monetise your meditation videos hassle-free, using royalty-free music and footage is crucial. This approach allows you to create unique content that stands out on YouTube without legal complexities, enabling you to focus on producing engaging and inspiring meditation videos for your audience.

By utilising royalty-free resources, such as ambient music tracks and stock footage, you can elevate the quality of your content while ensuring compliance with copyright regulations.

Strategies for increasing views and subscribers

Optimise your video titles and descriptions with relevant keywords to improve search engine visibility. Collaborate with influencers in the meditation and wellness niche to expand your audience reach.

Utilise social media platforms to promote your content and engage with your audience through comments and feedback. Consistently uploading new, high-quality content will keep your viewers engaged and coming back for more.

Create visually appealing thumbnails that accurately represent the essence of each video to attract more clicks. Remember to use tags that are relevant to the content of your meditation videos.

Utilise YouTube’s analytics tools to assess which types of videos perform best, as well as when your audience is most active, thus helping inform strategies for future content creation.

Be sure also to participate in YouTube’s partnership programme, enabling you access exclusive resources while gaining monetary benefits. Making use of coherent playlists can also benefit user retention leading potentially increasing subscribership.

Ensure you optimise all aspects related from production value till distribution on an ongoing basis delving into analysis provided by various industry experts such as TubeBuddy or VidIQ whilst considering where necessary significant adjustments or optimisations needed ensuring a comprehensive strategy for growth.


In conclusion, making meditation videos for YouTube offers opportunities to create calming content and potentially generate income. By using the right equipment, creating a soothing atmosphere, and editing effectively, creators can produce engaging videos.

Monetisation on YouTube is achievable through partnership programmes and strategies to increase viewership. Successful channels often feature relaxing visuals and music to enhance the meditative experience of their audience.

With free tools available online, creating meditation videos is accessible for aspiring content creators in 2022.


1. How do I start a meditation YouTube channel in 2024?

Starting a meditation YouTube channel is straightforward. First, create content that focuses on meditation techniques and practices. Use royalty-free music to enhance your videos, ensuring they’re ready for monetisation once you apply for YouTube’s partnership programme.

2. Can I make money with my meditation videos on YouTube?

Absolutely! Once your channel meets the criteria and gets accepted into YouTube’s partnership programme, you can start monetising your videos through ads. Sharing tips, techniques, or even stitching together beautiful video footage with calming music can attract viewers.

3. Do I need expensive equipment to make quality meditation videos?

Not at all! You can easily make engaging meditation videos without showing your face or needing an expensive camera—focus on clear audio of your voice guiding meditations or consider using serene video footage paired with soothing background music from a royalty-free collection.

4. Where can I find music for my meditation YouTube channel?

Explore TunePocket’s vast library or other collections of royalty-free music tracks specifically curated for use in monetised YouTube videos and commercial projects—they offer affordable subscription plans giving you the licence to use their tracks worry-free.

5. What should my meditation YouTube videos contain?

Your videos could range from guided meditations, showcasing various relaxation techniques to reduce anxiety and clear the mind, to simply offering long-playing meditation music or nature sounds like rain sounds that help people unwind.

6. How often should I post new videos on my meditation channel?

Consistency is key! Post new content regularly—whether it’s weekly or bi-weekly—to keep people engaged and watching. Remember, successful channels are those that regularly update their offerings with fresh material that helps viewers practice their meditation habitually.

How To Make Meditation Videos For YouTube
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