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How to Use Social Media to Share Your Mental Health Journey

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If you check the feed on various social networks at least once every couple of days, you probably noticed that users’ interest in mindfulness, mental state, calmness and anxiety reduction has increased. There is a logical explanation for this: most people’s anxiety has become more visible, it is influenced by world events, scandals, wars and much more.  Given these factors, many began to perceive the online space as something frightening and gloomy, because news is here. But this is not the case. 

Interestingly, using social networks wisely, with love for themselves and others, they can become additional support, and sometimes even offer help options for people. Well, not social networks, but people who create content there. Including influencers who have come a long way in dealing with their triggers and episodes from the past. They create a new safe virtuality for users who suffer from anxiety in particular. 

Would you like to become one of the creators of this safe content and share your mental health journey? Perhaps you’ve thought that your experience could help people become more calm and self-loving? In this case, improving your online presence and starting to create a sensitive website is a great idea. In this article, we’ll share how to use social networks to make them a joy for you.

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1. Boost your page 

It is important to understand that running social networks is a part of life. Creating content and interacting with subscribers takes a lot of time and effort. Therefore, in order for your page to be not just for joy, but effective in terms of income (this is like a reward for work), it is reasonable to make it competitive. Fortunately, you don’t have to delve into marketing and explore tools, everything has already been thought out for you. When you start your journey, choose the simplest promotion options: for example, buying additional incentives on https://viplikes.net/ – specialists here offer a variety of effective services for most of the well-known platforms.  You can buy everything you need, from likes to real subscribers. 

This is necessary so that your page is not just a “place for friends”, but so that as many users as possible can see it. No matter how good your content is, without good statistics it will be invisible. Take care of this in advance: create a small marketing budget and direct it in the right direction.

2. Create a content plan

Users on social resources can’t stand and wait. This means that you, as a creator, should give them the opportunity to enjoy your posts on a regular basis, and this is how you’ll contribute to increasing the visibility of your posts. But how? 

It’s not as difficult as it might seem at first glance. To ensure that your feed is always filled with content, it’s enough to create a content plan and follow it. You can add absolutely any format there: stories, Reels, YouTube videos or publications with text and photos. 

This practice is also useful for your peace of mind: having a definite plan, you won’t worry about “tomorrow”, you’ll already know what to publish next week. But remember that if it makes you uncomfortable or you don’t want to do it now, it’s better to postpone planning.

3. Interact with readers/viewers

Finally, communicating  is an integral part of your online life. At first, it may seem unusual, but over time, you’ll realize that it is pleasant and useful to interact with fans. 

The more users find support, or a friend in you, the bigger your blog will become (yes, word of mouth works), and you’ll be able to fully share your story and mental health journey. Good luck!

How to Use Social Media to Share Your Mental Health Journey
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