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Why solo travel is good for the soul

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The idea of exploring a new place alone can seem daunting; especially if you’ve always travelled alongside friends or with a partner. However, solo travelling is one of the best things you can do to improve the way you look at the world, skyrocket your inner self-compassion – and enrich your soul. Keep reading for all the reasons we think solo travel is a must for any keen explorer, as well as some essential tips for staying safe in a foreign country when you’re travelling alone.

Why should everyone try travelling by themselves? What are the benefits of it?

There are countless reasons we think solo travelling is the bee’s knees. Here are just four of them:

You learn to live for you

No one to rely on also means you don’t have to bend your plans to suit anyone either. Now, everything from booking your flight, navigating your way around an island, and even eating in a restaurant alone, falls to you. You are the master of your own destiny.

You grow without realising

When we become adults, we often stop exploring the world around us. But when you’re travelling alone you can’t help but fall back into that child-like sense of wonder. Without thinking twice you’ll suddenly be trying a brand-new food – or signing yourself up for kayaking across a lake.

You make new friends

Rare is the occasion to meet so many new people than when you’re solo travelling. And better still, everyone wants to make new friends as well so is just as open to starting a connection. There is so much to learn if only you are willing to listen.

You find happiness

With just yourself to keep company, you’ll soon be proud of everything you have achieved on your solo travel adventures. Within just a few weeks it’s likely you’ll remember everything you love about the life you have at home – and find peace in your own heart.

How to say safe when you’re travelling alone

Solo travelling means paying special attention to your safety. Here are just a few ways you can remain safe when you’re exploring a new place by yourself:

  • Schedule your arrival ahead – and during daylight. A safe area will always look better in daylight, so it’s important to make sure you arrive before it gets dark. Planning your arrival ahead can ensure you arrive with lots of time to spare before the sun goes down; whether you’re travelling from London Kings Cross station, or somewhere further up north, booking your trains and transport ahead of time can also make sure you arrive at the safest time.
  • Make sure someone always knows where you will be. Send your travel itinerary to your family and friends and keep in regular contact with someone back home so they can rest assured you are staying as safe as you can.
  • Check your government’s travel site. Don’t get caught out in a potentially risky situation when you’re travelling by checking the UK government’s travel website beforehand – it’s your one-stop shop for information on the travel documents you require for travel as well as any warnings for your destination. 

With so much to gain and almost nothing to lose, you won’t ever regret embarking on a solo travel adventure.

Why solo travel is good for the soul
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