How to Create a No-Fail Weight Loss Environment

September 15, 2023
Filipe Bastos
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Many make weight loss a goal for better health but aren’t always successful. In Canada, one in every three people has tried to lose weight, with most failing to maintain their loss. The issue is that they usually use short-term diets that focus on quick results rather than lasting changes. As a result, many experience the yo-yo effect, which makes them gain weight back when they stop dieting.

Indeed, it is important to pay close attention to external circumstances that make it difficult to persevere with weight loss habits. Our environment plays a significant role, more than inner strength, so it’s essential to change one’s environment. Combining internal motivation with external help can make a big difference in helping you lose weight.

Here’s how you can adjust your environment to help you stick to your weight loss goals:

Create a New Environment

There’s only so much you can control about your public environments, especially if you’re with family or friends who aren’t watching their weight. However, weight loss should never be a journey one takes alone. If you’re entering a weight loss push, it’s likely you’re going to research online and look at recipes and the like, so why not use that outward research as a crutch to help your efforts? By simply searching for ‘weight loss workshops near me‘ online, you’ll be directed to localized groups helping people along their journey. Whilst there, you’ll find like-minded people, perhaps one of the six million Canadians battling obesity, which is important in maintaining your efforts.

It is far harder to fail if you’re being helped along on your mission, and by joining local groups, you’ll find a selection of people in the same boat – people who will need your help as well. It not only fosters a no-fail environment for you but also for those who help you along. It’s an environment you may not have in your life right now, but that could be fundamental to your ongoing efforts.

At Home

Your home is your safe space, but that comfort can lead to poor diet and exercise choices that make it hard for you to lose weight. You could be prone to excessive snacking or eating when bored, or you might be more sedentary than physically active. Curating your home to help you with weight loss can make it easier to stick to your habits.

You can stock your pantry with any snack of your choosing, but arrange it in a way that you’ll spot the more nutritious ones first. You can buy your favorite chips or sweets now and then, but stock up more on fresh or dried fruits or unseasoned nuts for healthier snacks. To help you be more active, you can invest in equipment that will encourage you to exercise more. You can put dumbbells next to your TV or computer so you notice them more often and motivate you to use them.

At work

Other than your home, you likely spend much time at the office. You may not realize how many weight loss barriers can be around you at work. Nearby restaurants or the office cafeteria might serve less nutritious food. You may also spend a long time sitting, which doesn’t help with weight loss. You might think there isn’t much you can adjust to this environment, but there are still some things you can do to make it more conducive to weight loss.

Standing desks are becoming more widely used in offices, and they’re better for your health than constantly sitting. Working while standing helps you burn more calories and keep your muscles active. You can try using an adjustable desk or platform to switch between sitting and standing at work. Instead of going out to eat, pack healthy meals from home that can help you take more control of your diet when you’re at the office. You can even suggest installing facilities like a ping-pong table, which can boost morale and physical activity for everyone.


There’s only so much you can control about your public environments, especially if you’re with family or an ideal friend who isn’t watching their weight. All kinds of food and drink options can weaken your resolve. If you’re worried about falling back on your diet when you’re out, you can try to take more initiative in planning or hosting your gatherings.

You can agree on a dining spot with your loved ones a few days beforehand instead of deciding on the day itself; this gives you more time to prepare. You can even volunteer to host the get-together to be able to oversee the menu, or you can make it a potluck and encourage people to bring nutritious dishes. Others’ preferences are crucial, but don’t be afraid to set boundaries or communicate your goals with your friends and family; they could be a great source of support!

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A little reminder that kindness is contagious. ✨

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Our greatest moments, memories, and experiences aren’t defined by their magnitude or greatness, but by the people who fill them and give them life. ✨

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You are exactly where you're meant to be. 💚

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With rising temperatures, worrisome droughts, and looming environmental issues, it’s perfectly normal to feel sad, anxious, angry, and powerless. 😔

In times like this, mindfulness and self-awareness can be crucial in your ability to cope with fear. Here are 3 tips to help manage your climate anxiety:

🌍 Practice acceptance, not denial - accept you can't change the world on your own, only your tiny role within it
🌍 Try not to feel responsible for others - concentrate on your own journey.
🌍 Reduce your carbon footprint - take pride in lifestyle changes that you make. 

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The greatest challenges we experience are often also our greatest teachers. 

If you’re repeatedly experiencing the same challenge, know that it is there not to push you down or hold you back, but to teach and strengthen you. 💪

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Fear is often the thing that holds us back most from developing a deeper self-knowledge and awareness in our lives:

🌖 We fear being vulnerable.
🌗 We fear change.
🌘 We fear the truth.
🌑 We fear being wrong.

In moments that you feel fear creeping up on you, or notice it holding you back, take a moment to question your fear and ask yourself if your fear is truly serving you.

If you're interested in reading more on self-awareness and fear, check out last week's article on our blog. 🦉

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