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Eyewear To Relax the Mind: What are Meditation Glasses and Do They Work?

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Have you heard of meditation glasses? They could be a great way of relaxing, unwinding, and getting into the sort of meditative state that can help you overcome your fears, process your emotions healthily, and find peace. 

As a practice, meditation is well-known for its many benefits, encompassing both body and mind. From relieving stress to boosting confidence and promoting clarity, regular meditation has been credited with delivering profound benefits to its practitioners. 

But how do meditation glasses work, and are they all they’re cracked up to be? Below, we take a look at meditation eyeglasses, light therapy, and therapeutic glasses to help you decide whether one of these options could be a good investment.

Meditation Eyeglasses System

One of the newest digital meditation aides on the market right now are complete systems that incorporate special glasses, headphones, and a base unit to provide a multi-sensory experience like no other. The user simply selects a type of meditation, pops on the headphones and eyeglasses, and then sits back and relaxes.

A special high-frequency signal is used to control the lights experienced in the session, which works to allow the mind to enter a meditative, transformative space. The eyeglasses allow the wearer to see geometrical displays that wax and wane while the synchronized binaural beats heard through the headphones lead the mind into a beneficial range of mental states. The idea is to generate an all-encompassing meditative environment for ultimate well-being.

REM Meditation Glasses

This type of specialized eyewear is another option to complement a meditation practice. REM meditation glasses are designed to provide alternating bilateral photic stimulation (this means flickering light that is shown alternately to each eye), which can help with the processing of emotions. The rapid eye movements that this flickering can induce may also help neutralize difficult emotions and elicit a deep sense of peace.

The manufacturers of REM meditation glasses claim that regular use may promote the ability of the brain to reintegrate and resynchronize its rhythms, thereby supporting ongoing personal development.

Meditation SmartGoggles

It’s not just meditation glasses that are available – how about a pair of meditation SmartGoggles? This innovative eyewear has been created to induce a meditative state by deploying personalized patterns of vibrations specifically designed to lower the heart rate. Plus, the combination of vibrations and gentle heat reduces tension and relieves eye strain. There’s also a relaxing temple massage setting, which is great for helping you to drift off into a natural sleep at the end of a busy day. Best of all, the partner app allows you to control a range of settings, so you can customize the meditation SmartGoggles to your lifestyle and needs.

How Meditation Glasses May Help

Meditation eyewear, by promoting a calm, open, and relaxed mental state, may help the wearer to achieve peace and clarity. Advocates of the technology cite their own experiences, claiming the glasses, and the overall system, have helped them achieve stillness, reach their goals, and deal with the stresses of life more easily. 

What About Light Therapy Glasses?

While not the same as meditation glasses, light therapy glasses are designed to boost mood and improve sleep. Light therapy may be helpful in treating problems brought about by a disruption of a person’s natural circadian rhythm – when this issue occurs, it can create sleeping difficulties, interfere with hormone release, and result in low mood and energy levels.

How Do Light Therapy Glasses Work?

These glasses deliver light therapy directly into the eyes of the wearer (as opposed to light boxes, an alternative form of light therapy) to restore a natural circadian rhythm. Typically, they incorporate blue-green tinted lenses and usually need to be worn for between thirty to sixty minutes a day, depending on the specific make and model.

There are some light glasses available that come with a companion app, so the user can create a personalized program based on their specific situation, sleep habits, and lifestyle.

…And How About Therapeutic Glasses?

Therapeutic glasses are designed to block out excessive light and may be helpful for those suffering from anxiety. The idea is to reduce the burden of sensory overload and promote a calm response. Some therapeutic glasses claim to help reduce the risk of migraine, aid better sleep, reduce social anxiety, boost mood and confidence, and even promote creativity.

Best of all, many therapeutic glasses look just like regular glasses and are available in a wide range of fashion-forward, stylish frames.

But Do Meditation Glasses Work?

Well, the jury’s out. There are many people that regularly use meditation glasses (along with their associated multi-sensory system) and swear by them – and there are others that have found they don’t live up to the hype.

Ultimately, meditation is a highly nurturing, grounding, and even healing practice that the vast majority of people can incorporate into their lives to experience tangible benefits, both to their mental and physical well-being. Whether you choose to undertake a meditative practice with the aid of meditation glasses or simply by sitting peacefully outside, it really is a case of whatever works best for you. Peace out.

Eyewear To Relax the Mind: What are Meditation Glasses and Do They Work?
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